Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ho Hum

Well we awoke in the clouds again today.  It's as the weather on the desktop says, sprinkles!

I didn't manage to finish the quilt top last night and today, for some reason, I've run out of oomph.  It's probably the weather.  I'll try and finish it later this evening.

I have just put some lovely free range chicken and the last of the winter garden vegetables in a casserole on the Aga for dinner and John has lit the fires.  I think we're almost going back into hibernate mode!


  1. The weather does affect motivation so much. I was going great guns in the garden until it started to rain and now I can't seem to get around to doing anything indoors.

  2. And it's set to be here for the rest of the week. The poor daffs are just opening and their heads are almost in the mud already.

  3. I'm dying to see a picture of your green and tan quilt that you run down so much!


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