Friday, 19 March 2010

So What Do You Do With No Internet?

Someone moved our hill up into the clouds today.  We couldn't see anything for ages and then it rained.  Rain means dodgy internet, downpours mean NO internet.  So what did I do this afternoon with not a lot better on???  I sewed my LQuilt quilt.

*Updated photo now.*

I was fortunate enough to have enough time on line this morning to move over to this site from the Windows Live one.  A move I have done once already, changed my mind and went back and then was itchy about it for ages.  A unknowing push yesterday from Kaye gave me the incentive.  Thank you, I really do feel better for it!!

Nina's pastel classes for the next half term are also pencilled in the diary now.  It makes me focus and I'm already on the hunt for good pictures to use from recent outings.

Tomorrow I have an International Quilting Day out at Sturminster Marshall in aid of Help for Heroes.  More on that after the event.

I'm winging my way around other sites now, just while it's not raining!!!

Oh, this is my constant sewing companion on her perch in my sewing room.  I just know if she could pick up a needle, she would!


  1. I'm not sure I like having that much responsibility, but thanks for moving and making it easier for me to read and interact with :-) The portrait quilt is very impressive.

  2. I see I see! Love the stiching work! WOW! Bring the photo of the doggy along, it'd be lovely to draw!


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