Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Delivery from A Far

But not the one I was hoping for. Never the less, a lovely surprise! (The book hasn’t arrived back in Chicago to be re posted to me as yet).

The postman brought me the new publication Embellish and the Product of the Month from the The Thread Studio, Australia .

I’m looking forward to finding out what I can do with them. I think a part of the products can be used towards something else I have going at the moment. BUT… I must finish one or two things before I start something else! I am simply running out of room!

I also managed to finish the cuff I’ve been working on the past few days on the ultra suede.

 I’m quite pleased with it as a technique, but not sure about the colours. The cabochon beads I picked up in Shaftesbury with Gilly and I had this project in mind when I saw them.

As I have the beads out still, I am putting the finishing touches to a tapestry Elsa made before making it up into a cushion and then they can go away for a little while.

(I am trying to type this whilst being evening doggy door monitor. It’s exercise I suppose but very distracting!)

I heard back from Kingston Lacy House this morning and I now have a place on their Allotment course this spring into summer. Gilly asked if I wanted to go along with her and a friend but the places were all full. They had a vacancy arise this morning so phoned to see if I still wanted to join. We only have a small vegetable plot here but I’d like a little professional knowledge. It should be fun with the girls and it’s a good excuse to see behind the walls at the House. I’m really looking forward to it (and lunch at the beautiful stables cafe!).

John has been very busy today!  He’s had a fight with the back axles, lots of oil and an exhaust system! I think he’s on a bit of a count down to turning it over very soon. I thought I’d better include a photo of the W108.

It’s quite a rare photo as it’s whole and moving under it’s own power into the garage with windscreen wipers going! The more John has stripped this car down the more amazed we are that it ever went at all. She’s still a rather lovely example and the joy it’s giving John is priceless.

And today, finally, the lawns were cut! We’ve had a few tidying sessions out in the garden but the lawns have been a mess. Everything pulls together when they look good. Rain is forecast for the weekend so we had a now or never moment. Well, I nagged and John mowed.

Annoys: Politicians and their inability to simply answer a question.

Joys: A decent interviewer who puts them in their place and holds them to an answer.


  1. What I wanted to say yesterday was how lovely that beading looks. I think the colours are just fine.

  2. Thanks Kaye. Lime green and orange scare me a little, that's all! :-)


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