Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Away Days

John has now fully recovered from his embaressment now. Thank you for the comments, people can do the funniest of things. Mind you his slippers are mid brown leather as are most of his shoes so I doubt if anyone would actually notice. He just felt a bit daft.

We're on the beautiful island of Jersey at the moment. We've had quite an exhausting day visiting museums and the castle. There was a very nice lunch down at Green Island in the middle though. We're now back at the hotel looking over St Brelades bay just about to ready ourselves for dinner. No the diet is not going well!!!

I've not found much in the way of textiles over here apart from a letter in the Jersey Tunnels War Hospital which listed the knitting efforts and items sent. So lovely, such a simple thing made a difference to some soldier.

Had a bit of a grrrr moment in the airport yesterday. We were asked if we would take part in a quick survey. We did and at the end the lady asked a few simple questions including nationality. I answered English. She wrote UK. I told her I was English and she said, "yes well I know dear but that means UK."


I know what I mean thank you madam,I am English. The Scottish man opposite us was from Scotland so he was Scottish I assume and the three people sitting next to me were from Holland, Dutch? What the hell is wrong with me being English from England? It is a major bee I have, I always fill out forms as English and if a box only offers UK I add in a comments box that I am English too.

I am pround to be me.

There rant over. I'm off to have a nice Bloody Mary (sorry Barbara G&T was at lunch).


  1. I can see your point, it seems like you can't just be English and after all its not a very united kingdom any more anyway.

  2. I have the same gripe and always fill in the 'Other' box by adding English. They'll be taking out the UK and just adding European next! Glad you are enjoying your holiday.

  3. This is one situation that always makes me monstrously cross. Hope the Bloody Mary was up to standard!

  4. Hiya - thanks for dropping by my blog and I'd be delighted if you wanted to play along with the SAH Robin - you can work on it entirely at your own pace, so don't worry if you don't meet the first deadline - though there's only one a month, so it sounds like you might still be able to do step 1 before the end of July... Sorry to get back to you via comment rather than email, but your comments are set to no-reply...

  5. I have a similar pet peeve here in the states, but it is regarding our public health dept. when reporting an STD, they want to know the individual's race. I always report "human". Always gets me in a bit of trouble with the higher ups!

  6. Exactly Shayla, what's so United now a days.

    NEVER European Maggi! I think there would be an uprising.

    Barbara, BM was just spicy hot, just how I like it.

    I'll be on to it straight away Kate!!! Not sure why you had no-reply.

    I refuse the ethnic survey too Maggie. They don't seem to do them as much any more.


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