Sunday, 18 July 2010

Summertime Blues

Don't get me wrong, I do love Summer but there comes a point when I realise I'm wandering around in the evenings waiting for the 'evening' to start. 

In the beginning it's lovely to take handwork out into the garden but then other things start accumulating that need time in the sewing room.  It can be quite warm up there and it seems wrong to be indoors when the sun is still shining (not so much just lately though, but it is still daylight!).  Even the garden, though looking good, does not have the excitement it does at the start of the year when everything is fresh and new.

Stepped bed to the terrace.

I know I love Autumn the most and cooler days.  I like the crisp smell that happens about the end of October and the lighting of the fires.  I like the fact that evening comes at a respectable part of the day and lasts all night! Perhaps it's because quilt making suggests warmth, cosy, home, time and effort spent making something. 

I have a very valid wish this year that September takes it's time arriving and, just this year I will hang onto summer for as long as possible but I still find high summer a bit of a burden.

I followed Narelle who commented in my last post back to her blog, boy does she churn some stuff out!  She has joined a group that does a Friday Night Sew-in, read about it HERE .  I thought why not, what else do I do on a Friday night!  It's amazing where you end up when you start following threads of info on this internet thing!