Sunday, 11 July 2010

It's Official, I'm Married to... old Git!!  So he tells me anyway.  He's just come back from walking the dogs, with his slippers on.  Never mind John, it's not that embarrassing!

We went to Castle Point shopping early yesterday morning before the weekend crowds hit and it was still lovely and calm (we hate shopping).  I needed some new eyeshadow but could someone please explain to me the process the women behind the makeup counters go through in the mornings?  It's sad to see what would normally pass as attractive young women caked in thick slap, 4 inch long eye lashes and oil slick lip gloss bearing down on you with latest product inhand.  As for the older one still stuck in the '60's, very hit and miss affair with the very red lippy, doing a passable Barbara Cartland x Baby Jane impression.  It's enough to put you off buying any products.

We've had Mike down with us and he managed to pick up Elsa yesterday morning so she could stay last night.  Always nice to have them here even for short visits.

The Hever project is moving very slowly though it is making some progress.  I have an urge just to do something uncomplicated today.  Perhaps I'll just go and fiddle with some fabric.   Mind you the roses need deadheading first and it's not too hot...


  1. A photo of the old git's slippers would be funny!
    I just get my make up from the supermarket now as I can't face the hard sell from the cosmetic ladies!
    Oh and the Body shop is good for eyeshadow, they don't scare me quite so much!

  2. "Never mind John, it's not that embarrassing"
    it is now!!!!

  3. I know what you mean. One of my brothers dated a girl from the local cosmetics counter (in the 60's) and when they stayed with us, thought we would never get to the bathroom again her short shower took so wasn't the shower it was the make-up.

    After reading about the chemicals that are in make-up these days, I only wear it on special occasions or if I am going to the Dr. (I like to look nice for him he is a darling..says the 73 yr old once upon a time girl)

    Tell hubby not to worry about the slippers...I went to a dance once with my dress on back to front!!! and no one told me.

  4. I was out one morning with 608 and we met a guy walking his dog still in his PJs who stop to complain about the chill morning air. I didn't like to point out that he was probably feeling a chill because he only had his PJs on in case it was some quaint rural tradition

  5. My slippers are so comfy that sometimes I do that the pup out with them on. And agreed about the heavy makeup. Why spend hours trying to look "natural" when the real thing is as easy as washing your face and putting on a smile!


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