Thursday, 1 July 2010

Welcome To July

The month of harvests, summer fairs and crop circles!

Also those lovely dodgy weather predictions!

'If the first of july it be rainy weather
It will rain more or less for for four weeks together'

It's grey and over cast here in the south...  hmmmm.

And of course the infamous St Swithun on the 15th!

St Swithin`s day, if ye do rain,
for 40 days it will remain:
St.Swithin`s day, an` ye be fair,
For 40 days `twill rain nae mair.

I love old folklore, gives us all something to blame at the very least and some smug satisfaction when it actually works out right.

Is there ever really such a thing as a weather forecast?


  1. We are having bright blue clear skies here in the Midwest of the USA! And we had quite enough rain in June to satisify the crops for another few weeks!

  2. This is not a forecast and I'm no weather guru but I will guess that July will be mostly wet and unsettled - I hope I'm wrong.

  3. Well it rained here too so I guess thats not good!

  4. We managed to stay dry all through the 1st but it rained at about 1am on the 2nd!! And it didn't stop for most of the day. Lovely sunset last night though and it's now bright an sunny too.


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