Saturday, 24 July 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Last night we had our first potatoes from the garden and they were wonderful!

After catching up on the news I went upstairs for the Friday Night Sew In.

First I finished the pennant for the Olympics SEE HERE. As we are not allowed to actually use any form of Olympic branding including the date 2012 (!!) I am waiting to hear back as to whether I can put on MMXII instead. They can’t brand everything and it seems daft not having some form of linking to the actual event. I must say that I was rather smug when I realised just before I finished it that I had used the colours of the rings. I didn’t even think of that at the time!

I then cut 16 of the Magical Minis. All these pieces are to make 4 inch blocks. Yes they are fiddly and no I’m not overly fond of some of the fabrics but I didn’t choose them. Block set 6 is due through soon so I really need to make these.

I also made the four corners of the Jenny Rayment BOM from Justhands On TV. I also cut and started sewing block 9 so nearly there with this quilt, just the sashing and edges.

I did have the TV on whilst doing this and watched Toby dig up some of his potatoes on Gardeners World. Beat you to it Toby!


  1. 4" blocks? Fiddly indeed - I bet they'll be stunning to behold though.

  2. I do like your pennant. I don't see how they can say that 2012 is an Olympic branding - it is simply the year. The BOM colours are great.

  3. You could do some olympic bunting too!
    We haven't dug any spuds yet.

  4. There is nothing like home grown veges.

    I like your olympic banner. How arrogant that you cannot use the is what it is public property isn't it...does that mean no one can use the year on any work that is done. we should all revolt and sew 2012 on everything. What about the colours of the no one supposed to use green yellow or stupid is that.

    What about writing a tag on the back saying "The year after 2011"

  5. Wow - lots of work done - I like the pennant!

  6. Hi Peg and welcome.

    Yes 4"s! And I must sew them today. Can't have that many small pieces hanging around or they will start wandering off. I'd like a Dear Jane quilt but there is no way I would have the full patience let alone the time to do one and this BOM came up from Quilters Haven just as we were discussing Dear Jane in the Quilt Show Forum. It's a compromise but still fiddly.

    Great idea Shirley!! Or 2011+1.

  7. Small blocks are like giving birth.. a little painful while you are doing it, but the results are so worth it in the end!

    I wish I had some potatos too!!

  8. I just checked out the Olympic pennants, what a great idea and yours is lovely. Actually potato growing isn't competitive (as we up north wouldn't stand a chance), if it was it would be in the games and you could feature your spuds on your pennant.

  9. I'm late (that wedding)in commenting but it certainly looks like your Friday Night SewIn was most productive. 4inch blocks though? really??


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