Monday, 19 July 2010

Yesterday's Box So Far

Well this is the file box, as was.  Now stuck, stitched,and painted to within a hairs breadth of it's cardboard corners.

It's quite metallic and sheeny so quite hard to photograph.  It' now curing outside in the sun before assembly and anything else I can think of.

I enjoyed snipping and slapping and can think of a few more ways to use this.  It's a good job I don't actually go to a supermarket anymore.  If there were goats eyeballs in a piquant sauce in an interesting box I could re use....!!!  Perish the thought really but I am looking at different boxes, how they can be dis-assembled and re made.  Great for unusual present wrapping at the least.

The combines have been busy all day today.  There is dust everywhere and so many flies.  Of course they are doing the thing on my touch screen again.  They are the only ones who have any use out of it!  I was wondering if I left the swimming fish screen saver up if they would react to it. If I touch the screen the fish swim to wards my finger. Fish eat flies. 


  1. This box is very creative and gorgeous and I haven't seen one like it. Yes, try the fish screen saver LOL

  2. The box is great - looks very Maggie Greyish. I did look up Jennifer Trollope - her work is lovely and so varied. Love the box on the previous post too. I don't have a touch screen but would welcome anything that gets rid of the flies. I swear that when I shoo them out of one window they go round the house and come in again the other way.

  3. Yes the fish do react!! If the fly lands anyway. AI at work ion my own home.

  4. Hi ... thank you for visiting me. Your box is very special; now I'm trying to work out how you did it :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing this...would love to know how you have done this ...I just love boxes.


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