Thursday, 22 July 2010

Montacute House

Yesterday we visited Montacute House in Somerset.

It has quite a number of tapestries but this is the Hunter Tapestry (1788) in all it's newly cleaned gloriousness.  It had just returned from Holland and was very bright and clear and every woven line was visible in great, minute detail.

Needle Point and Petite Point on a screen.  Not sure I'd have the patience for that amount of work anymore.

Graffiti on the glass done by the house owner and his son, Edward and Edward Phelips.  I do hope they didn't use the best family diamonds! 

And then there was a part of the sampler collection on display.  The work is stunning and mostly worked on fine linen.  I did my best taking photos but the light was very low.  In the end I bought the book (The Goodhart Samplers) for the better quality and over 120 of the rest of the collection.

For those not familiar with our 10p, it is 24mm or just short of an inch across. The stitches are minuscule!

And in one of the bedrooms I found a stumpwork box from 1693 depicting the Judgement of Solomon.  A little hard to photograph behind glass but beautiful all the same.

There is also a large display from the National Portrait Gallery going on there at the moment which was good to see but no photos allowed of course.  I looked Henry VIII right in the eye!  (I wouldn't of married him, I can tell you!!!)


  1. I had to see Montacute House after seeing it in Sense and Sensibility, it was beautiful.

  2. That photo of the writing on the window is great. What an interesting post.

  3. What gorgeous samplers and tapestries. Such a beautiful house.

  4. For all it's grandeur on the outside, I didn't think it was overly large inside, a nice size. Still grand of course and you could certainly use the long gallery for a great crafting and sewing room. All 53 meters of it with great light!


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