Thursday, 29 July 2010

The 16 Done

Just to show what 16 different 4 inch (well 4.5 with sa) minis look like!  This was most of Sunday taken up.

Month 6 will be through the door probably on Monday with the next 8.  As I said, I'm not overly fond of some of the fabric choices but I'm sure there will be a better picture when they are all together. 

It’s been thankfully breezy the past few days but the nights are still quite warm. This place is really classed as a bungalow with bedrooms in the roof so it becomes very hot up there, about 27 the past few nights. With that and being a lady now slightly over 40 and coming into a certain time of life, being hot in bed doesn’t have the same meaning anymore!! When we were pulling the place apart John had proper air conditioning fitted upstairs and I am forever grateful, temperature goes down to about 20. That going and the Climarelle Suprelle mattress comforter I bought the other week and I’m actually sleeping like a baby. Something I have never done well, perhaps all those years of sleepless nights are catching up but I feel good on it.

We heard from Chris on Sunday, his calls are always few and far between. Indonesia does not have too many places for signal or internet especially on the more remote islands. Of course he is having a ball surfing every beach they can find. He will be home at the end of August and I can’t wait to see him. I know we saw him in Australia last November but 18 months away is a long time, I’d better look out for some warm clothes, he’s going to feel the difference.

We took Winnie the 108 out for a run around yesterday. I did have the camera but no photo stops really. John has had a bit of a tweak with the rear suspension and she is now sitting straight. She is a lovely, big, comfortable ride of a car with windows like a greenhouse! She does attract more comments and people having a look than Gwen the 107. Great fun!

Today I am sewing. I have been trying to lock myself away all week and failed each time. I will be a She Bear if I don’t do something upstairs today! Now I’ll just wait for something to come up.


  1. What a lovely pile of little blocks! Interesting that although you use metric, you still use inches in quilting!

  2. You have certainly been busy. Look forward to seeing them all go together. Glad you have found something to help you to sleep.

  3. I so admire people who do quilting..these are lovely and so precise.

    Glad you are enjoying the aircon and getting more sleep

  4. It always sort of, kind of over here Maggie. My builders still went and asked for 2 metres of 2" x 4" wood! It's all foreign to me, I just make it up as I go along.

    Not sure if it's normal but the more sleep I have the moretired I can feel at te end of the day. I spent years on max of about 4 hours sleep. Too much to do and too little time to spend with my eyes closed!!!

  5. I like your blocks - and your blog. I've seen you on The Quilt Show I think.

  6. Posted (as I thought) an admiring and envious comment re. those delicious little blocks - am having issues with Blogger and it seems to be eating up comments at random. Back to the G&T for me!


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