Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Little Bit of Catch Up

The Powerball seems quite good actually, thank you for the comments.  I certainly have less sharp pains in two fingers and a gentle 'I've had a work out' ache all over the hands and wrists. Perhaps there is something in this after all.  (Me, spill Barbara?  Really! lol)

Last week I spent most of Friday and half of Saturday working on a piece for the quilt I am doing for the show.  I was pleased with how it was going and then I put the whole thing together and saw it really didn't want to work.  Miffed!  When I'd calmed down again and climbed out of the pit that nearly had me ripping everything apart I had a coffee and a trawl through my stash and came up with an alternative.  But of course there wasn't enough fabric.  John, love him to bits, put away all his toys, cleaned up and took me to Hanson's to find some more fabric.  (I think I've mentioned before it's a nice 17 mile drive out there through some lovely countryside on good roads so he loved it really).

You know how sometimes you have something so firmly fixed in your mind nothing else will do?  I now had those fabrics I had chosen from my stash in my head and nothing in the vast stock of Hanson's was like it.  I bought a couple of almost but not quites just to see.  I was still grumpy when I put them up to the project too.  I put the whole lot to one side an left it.  Usually the better option.

Saturday night I was quietly working on a bit of Goldwork and heard a rustling in the corner of the room.  The next morning was evidence of a mouse.  Not good in a work room.  Not too sure how it came in.  We don't allow the cats upstairs, the mice that were here have all been cleared out of the roof space (one of the joys of cavity wall insulation) and the only other option I think is it may have stowed away in the luggage from Ireland.  Traps set and fingers crossed now.

We also dug up all our garlic on Sunday.  The tops had caught allium rust and were just about over anyway.  The cloves are big and juicy and now drying in lovely bundles outside the back door.  Of course we couldn't resist a whole head in with the roast lamb either.  We must be rather aromatic now but no danger of vampires.

One thing I did pick up whilst at Hanson's were some of these new black gold needles.  Well they are rather nice to use.  The shaft seems to glide right through and they are a lovely length too.  I will definitely be buying some more of these.

I also found some other fabric in my stash that is doing the job I was trying to sort over the week end.  Don't you just love ending up where you started!!


  1. Glad the powerball seems to be making a difference - just means your G&T grip will get tighter I guess! If the mice/mouse problem continues I am willing to rent out our 2 mega-efficient ginger mousers. (Perhaps the garlic will be a deterrent??) Hate the "not enough, nothing else quite does it" situation, been there too many times, hope that's now in a better state.

  2. You just know when something isn't working out right don't you?
    Sounds like a good reciprocal arrangement you have with hubby!
    We have a mousing Jack Russell available, though we also found humane traps with Mars Bar bits inside worked really well too!

  3. Its good that you won't be getting any visits from vampires now, with luck it may even drive the mouse out of the house too.

  4. EEK! I hates meeces! Hope the little bugger gets caught and doesn't have a family hiding somewhere in the house! I always find it best when frustrated to just leave a project and let it stew a bit before taking it back up again!

  5. Hope your mice go quickly thats my fear; that mice build a nest in my fabric stash. It's good you're getting some reprieve with the power ball hope it continues, I had the carpel tunnel operation a few years ago and remember the pain very well. Thank goodness you have a fabric shop within driving distance - Good luck with the quilt, Judy x


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