Monday, 19 July 2010

The Last Box I Made With Jennifer

As the box from yesterday is still nowhere near finished, I'm working on it as I type, this is a picture of the last one I made at one of Jennifer's workshops back in May.  It's layered, stitched, burnt away, beaded and embroidered lightly and is about 5 inches square by 4 high.

I really must sort myself some background fabric for photographs, the oak dining table is really not a good colour to show other colours clearly!


  1. It's lovely, of course I would love it, it has a cat on it!

  2. Oh I love cats and the blue is so vibrant.

  3. Hi Lyn nd Terra. The base fabric that was worked over and revealed was by Laurel Birch. She did the most wonderfully colourful and whimsical stuff. Always worth looking out for.

  4. what a wonderful box...I like the idea of the closure for the top how interesting. Great colours as well.


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