Sunday, 18 July 2010

Box Clever

I’ve had a lovely day today down at Pauline’s Patchwork doing a workshop with Jenifer Trollope. It was embellishing boxes with loads of stuff. Real Blue Peter stuff she calls it and she was right. Nice and mucky. Of course we could only do so much as there was glue and paint involved which meant drying time but plenty to be getting on with once dry properly.

John had dropped me off and of course we had forgotten what a mess Weymouth is. In fact we were not prepared for the worse mess it is now! All in the name of the 2012 Olympics and the water sports. Still there should be left behind some great tarmac. John had a busy day in the garden and then picked me up later. What he hadn’t told me of course was the smell that hit me when I walked in the door. Garlic and roasting chicken all in the Aga and ready to come out on our return. And you would all drool over his roast potatoes! A good ¼ inch crunch with super fluff inside!!!!!!!!!! Don’t mention the diet.

Anyway the lowering sun just caught the grape vine over the pergola in the courtyard this evening and it looked so nice. I’m not sure if you can make out all the grape bunches, it’s smothered (click to enlarge). I know about the viticulture bit but we don’t eat these. They are a variety called Brant, black, quiet sweet and small, very edible and they are also a little on the pippy side but the blackbirds love them so we leave them as a pre winter feast. It also has the most beautiful Autumn colour too.


  1. Decorating the boxes is intriguing; will you post photos of your boxes in future? It is good to leave the grapes for the birds, we do that with our mulberry tree. A flock of cedar waxwings visits each year for the treat.

  2. Garlic, grapes, garden - all wonderful, but isn't there something else beginning with 'g' missing? Sounds like the workshop with "stuff" was really good - will there be pictures?

  3. I do know we have to be careful where we sit when the fruits are ripe or you end up with stained bottoms. The birds always seem to poop just in the wrong place!

    Yes there was another G in there too Barbara!! lol

    The box still needs work and drying time, I will post pictures, promise!!

  4. I too would like to see what you made at the Blue Peter workshop!


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