Sunday, 1 August 2010

Busy, busy Lammas Day!

And a good traditional harvest day to you all! Yes I know, it’s another one the Christian calendar decided to shove around a bit. Well actually it was quite a bit to do with Henry VIII and his slight tiff with Rome really. Also a good day for announcing possible marriage too, so, anyone you know ask for a hand?

I’ve been busy the past couple of days tidying, sorting and trying to finish a few bits. John will tell you that it has ended up with a few extra projects scattered around the house depending on where I will be sitting. I have the sashing for the Jenny BOM all cut and needing hand turning and the lovely project in the Stitch magazine on the frame and under way. I have a 25 metre card of ric rac sitting waiting for sewing into something from the Mandy Shaw book that arrived on Thursday and I have been beavering away on the Hever project. I even had the embellisher out yesterday too. I’m quite enjoying myself actually!! No photos all round for any of it yet.

Also thinking of you Maggie, and our curious metric imperial thing, I did notice that the interweave fabric needed for the Stitch magazine was 18 holes per inch and we needed 30 x 35 centimetres of it. Also when we go to the pub John has a pint of beer and I have 250 ml of wine. Great eh??!