Saturday, 7 August 2010

I'm in For the Mystery Mondays

We drove up to visit Elsa and Mike yesterday. In the car I managed to finish quite a few of the border strips for the Jenny BOM.  I was pleased as I think this bit will seem endless.

I also contemplated whether I should really do the Mystery Monday with Chris and Barbara especially as I've just added a list of projects I have under way to the side bar here!!  Well, seeing as we went the Quilters Haven for an hour or so this morning, I bought a bit a fabric to do it with. I hope the choice is right. I will post a picture of the fabrics tomorrow as I still haven't found the camera adapter thingy for this iPad yet!

We also bought some great fabrics for Elsa to take away with her in little quilt as you go blocks so we have spent the afternoon making them up. Again pictures tomorrow!

The 'boys' have been playing Forza 3 on the x box leaving us in peace but soon we're off out for dinner.  Have a good evening all.