Monday, 2 August 2010

A Wonderful Day

A wonderful day starts with kisses. Then breakfast made for you. Then being told to just play for a while.


And a drive out with the top down around north Dorset and Wiltshire, a little more than was expected but then...  Lunch and Avebury...

And the Manor

Which, to be honest, had to be the most peculiar place I have visited. It looked beautiful from the outside and the gardens were immaculate but the house just oozed unwelcome. It wasn’t settled, happy or lived in. It didn’t feel as though it wanted you in it. Strange. It’s just a house. It has had so many families living in it, changing it, pouring money into it and it still wasn’t settled. That house should not be there.

But it did have an interesting bed in it. The Lady of the house had taken just one year to sew this at the turn of the last century. (Yes that was 1900 ish and one year, not earlier or longer!!).

We then walked around the stones themselves...
Some of which were rather large. (John is 6’ 3” for comparison).
And on the way home we passed the pudding of the largest man made mound, Silbury Hill. (Those white dots are sheep!)

The sky had been interesting all day but just before our valley home I managed to capture it. Rather painterly, don’t you think?

And arrived home to this...

Interflora worked overtime on my birthday!

And dinner at the pub.  Bliss!


  1. What a lovely day you had - maybe you should plan to have several birthdays each year! Have raised my glass of G&T in a Leo to Leo birthday toast.

  2. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day!

  3. Oh what a lovely birthday, Many Happy Returns too!
    The Manor as you say does look great from the gardens, shame that the inside did not impresss you though.
    and what lovely flowers!

  4. Happy were spoilt weren't you. Your flowers are lovely. I couldn't get over the embroidery on that bed..what a marathon job that was.
    It was a shame the rest of the house was so unsettled, but what a lovely spot, and garden.

  5. Happy Birthday! We love Avesbury, have been there many times. Often visited the garden but have never been inside the house, thanks for the pictures, and you're right it does seem like a rather sad little house.

  6. So glad that you had a lovely birthday. Belated greetings.

  7. Thank you all for the birthday comments!!


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