Sunday, 8 August 2010

Photos for Yesterday

The Mystery Monday fabrics.  We really loved the deep purple and blue green batik with trees so I thought, as it's quite dark, B the background.  Then from left to right main fabric A then C. Same colour family but I'm not sure that the value of C is dark enough.  A very hard colour to find! Then D and E same colour family, similar values and also complimentary to the blue green.  Did I understand OK so far Barbara or will I have to change something after all????

And the blocks we put together for Elsa.  Mike loves the Japanese theme and Elsa wanted to do a whole quilt top.  I said she was still very novice to go straight for the deep end, I don't want to put her off stitching altogether by starting her out on a project that would take a long time to do.  It was John who suggested a bed runner. 

We found these lovely gold on black geisha panels that we cut up and re arranged into opposite pairs in blocks of four.  They are now layered and basted and she has started hand quilting them.  The other two panels are kanji, you can just make out the shape in the tacking thread.  Elsa wanted to try appliqué and I thought the easiest way to do the kanji would be using a Hawaiian appliqué method. We did a test panel and she did it like a natural!

Of course the other beauty of these quilt as you go panels is that if she decides she is enjoying making them, we can rearrange them into something else, add others and she could still end up with a full size bed quilt.  One step at a time. 


  1. I love the fabrics for MM2. Looks like you might have another convert in Elsa.

  2. MM2 fabrics look terrific - thanks to Maggi for the abbreviation! Not sure about AllKnowing, more like Permanently Bossy!

  3. The MM2 fabrics are lovely, and love the Japanese panels for Elsa!


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