Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy Birthday John

 On his birthday he found this!

He’d bought a new Watchman probe thing for the oil tank (amazing what some people find exciting for their birthdays!) and was fitting it. He then noticed a few wasps. And then a few more. This nest is about 10 inches long and very lovely to look at but we’ve called in the exterminator. Wasps are unpredictable at the best of times and this is quite near a door into the house.

I’ve been busy putting the Jenny BOM together. Just the borders to do now so pictures then.

Maggie: scrim. It was another one of those really cheap throw away items. It’s a very loose, open weave cotton fabric that used to be used to clean cars and windows, usually on the shelf alongside stockingette. You could buy it in rolls about 3 meters long for very few pounds. Then someone thought to try dying it. Now it’s hard to find and very expensive for what it is! Another fabric art victim!!

John has cooked a roast tonight. It’s what he wanted to do because he loves doing it so, on his birthday I’ll sit back and relax! Lol

Happy **nd birthday John! xxxxx


  1. That's a strange present to get excited about but I do hope he enjoyed his birthday anyway.If ever you need scrim let me know. I always throw some in when I am dyeing and still have about 30m undyed left from the 50m roll I purchased from Whaleys. Hope it goes well with the wasps. I shared my garden with a nest a couple of years ago and, apart from scaring the life out of my burly tree surgeon we lived amicably until they all went away and died at the end of the season.

  2. That is a big wasp nest. Dont know what an oil probe thing is but sounds like a boys DH like things to do with wood, but was thrilled with a pair of long tongs to use to clean out the gutters.

  3. Thanks for the answer about the scrim. Sounds like something between cheesecloth and a loose weave muslin. Wishing John best wishes on completing another trip around the sun!

  4. I was reading the other day that a wasp eats masses of tiny garden pests and a wasp's nest really is a beautiful delicate structure, but I still don't like having them around.


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