Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Thank You and Progress

Thank you for the nice comments on our anniversary. We had a lovely day going over to Bovington where the Dorset Arts and Crafts association had their annual show. We were going to go to the tank museum too but the show was quite large and took some time to go around so we will save that for another day after the school holidays. We did have a nice lunch at The Martyr’s Inn at Tolpuddle. And if you are interested in who the Tolpuddle Martyr’s are, what they did affected everything we do today, you can see info at the museum.

I had a lovely day of sewing yesterday, with my ladies in the morning then upstairs later. The Hever quilt is ready for posting and I’ve sorted out a few other projects so they are to be picked up and finished! That’s the theory. The list on the right is really an embarrassment.

John ordered a bat box which arrived just before we went away at the weekend. It’s more of a concrete cylinder than a box really but I suppose it’s better insulation. For position it needs fairly free access, height and to face south east. The Atlas cedar in the front garden lost another branch in its top a few weeks ago and it was the first choice for the box. Then we thought that as the cedar keeps losing branches, perhaps it would not be such a good place! It is also where all the bird feeders are and it’s manic most of the time. In the end we placed it high up in the Tree of Heaven at the top of the garden where we can see it from the G&T hut. We know there are bats up there but there does not seem to be as many as past years. If we can help a little, we may as well.

Plenty to do upstairs and visitors later so I’m off for now!