Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Study in Concentration

First time free motion quilting!

Elsa brought down her quilt top she has made, it was a kit given to her a few weeks ago. I must just tell you that all the points are perfect! (Proud Mum moment there). We bought some backing and border fabric and last night she worked out what kind of quilting she would like. The colours are bright and zingy and should cheer up any winter’s day it’s snuggled under! (bad photo but it's pinned over several other projects!)
In one of the bottom squares she has embroidered our visit to Ireland and the date as a reminder of a lovely holiday, it is Irish Chain after all.  This morning she has been practising the FMQ on a quilt sandwich and is starting to find a feel for it. I think she could be on the top by this afternoon!


  1. No wonder you are a proud mum. Lovely colours too.

  2. I love that colour green. It is a very happy quilt and it is no wonder you are proud of her.

  3. It is a happy, cheerful quilt! Great job Elsa!

  4. She has now taken it home with binding attached and partially quilted. Just lots of free motion to do in the squares. It is a happy quilt, we had a great time together with it.


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