Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nearly There

I've put the binding on the Hever quilt.  Just a few finishing touches and it can go.  I still like it, I don't really care if it's up to quilt show standard or not, I've quite enjoyed doing it. 

But I have not enjoyed the bung it created in my sewing!  I have lots to catch upon and when it is out of the way I just know I'm going to have to push myself to do the other things!  I know I become bored quite quickly, hence having several varying projects on the go at once, ergo a project with a deadline makes me uptight. Sigh.

Anyway... I was sorting some new photos of the W108 that we had taken down in the New Forest for John to put on one of his forums and I thought I would put a couple on here.  I know most of you are not perhaps into cars but we are and I'm exceedingly proud of the work John has done on this one.  (Don't forget you can click to enlarge.)

It arrived from South Africa in 2003 and was supposedly used briefly.  We're not quite sure how as it had so many modifications done to the engine like inappropriate fuel injection etc that it hardly coughed and spluttered at all.  The previous owner then put it into storage until we bought it at the end of last year.  The body work is all genuine and fantastic with the rich, creamy paintwork of the day.  It just needed a proper clean and some attention to very little of the chrome.

John totally rebuilt the engine and Mike helped with the re wiring.  Everything, and I mean everything, had to be stripped to clean out the red South African dust, that included the fuel tank, not a nice job.  We also had to have a few bespoke parts made where it had been butchered for the injection pump and other modifications. 

She now drives beautifully, if a little dated compared to todays cars, but was a real luxury model in her day.  And just in case you do want to know, she is 1970 Mercedes 280SE W108 and we call her Winnie.

John did see a lovely plumbers van on the way back from Salisbury yesterday. 
"Don't sleep with that drip tonight, call....."


  1. Winnie is beautiful. I always feel very sad that people can butcher these classic. Glad that she has found a loving home.

  2. What a pretty car. At least if she was full of red dust it means she came from a dry part of the country, where I grew up on the coast in the subtropical heat of Durban, rust just ate through cars in no time at all.

    We saw a good van today too, it belonged to a waste removal company "call us on xxxxx - we ARE rubbish"!

  3. Quite agree Maggi.

    Hi Ali, nice to see you over here! The car was built (they didn't export from Germany but sent 'kits'!) in Bloemfontein and delivered to it's first owner on 24th August 1970. We've even Google Mapped the address and there seems to be a garage still there and boy, yes the dust is red.

    We are only the fourth owners. And by the way the carpets are almost as good as new except for two patches of wear, the driver's foot well and the rear passenger side, we guess the owner had a driver.

  4. Don't apologise because your quilt isn't show standard! It's your quilt and if you love it, that's sufficient. (Anyway, I bet it is show standard - you just can't see it, because you're too close to it!)


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