Monday, 16 August 2010


“An irregular form, with projections”.

A pattern in Stitch magazine with 15 faces. Of course I didn’t have the exact materials but whoever does? Aren’t these things made to be adapted to what’s at hand? I’ve used Stef Frances’ 12 strand silk split into 6 strands and a bit of perle. It works and I’m happy with it.

Yesterday we went to Surrey to a car show which was quite a disappointment. Coming back we looked for somewhere for lunch (on a Sunday in the summer holidays. ! ) As we drove back through West Sussex we passed Petworth House and went in there. A bit of a mistake. Even though it was just gone 2pm the restaurant was very full. After we finally managed to sit and eat we went around the house. If you’re into paintings, van Dykes', Turners', Gainsboroughs’ and the like, you’re in for a treat. But that’s about all there is. That and the fallow deer herd. Very little furniture, no textiles at all and you could only go around the ground floor. Some of the paintings had been restored and the change of varnish was absolutely stunning. They could have been painted last week. Every brush stroke was visible and the colours so vibrant.

Just before bed I walked up the garden with the dogs and had a near miss with a bat. Then another. The pair of them were swooping around the buddleia bush where there must have been a rise of insects for them. I called John out and we watched them for quite some time. I hope they find the box up the Tree of Heaven!

The next Friday Night Sew In has been announced as this Friday, 20th. Not sure I will do much as Elsa and Mike will be arriving but I’ve signed up. See the button on the right for more info.

If you’re going to FoQ this week, have fun. If you’re showing at FoQ, good luck. If you’re not going, think of the money you won’t have to spend!! I had an email from Valdani last week; they have a booth at the show (E46). I have drooled over their threads for some time, especially the little balls of variegated perle, but, because they are US, I’ve resisted buying. There are hand dyers over here and the customs has no charge for them!! If you're passing their booth, have a look.

Now on to another project to finish!