Friday, 13 August 2010

A Nice Find

John was up in the vegetable area digging up the potatoes yesterday because the rats have started raiding them. Tully had a field day although she didn’t catch anything, Ruger’s not allowed to try, he’s too big! When John went to put the potato tops on the compost he found this beautiful slowworm on the heap. It’s only the second we have found here and they are always welcome. Certainly much more than the rats!

All the heather is out on the heaths now and I borrowed a little to bring home to paint. Our honeymoon was in the Cairngorms and we had icing heather on our wedding cake and flowers in my bouquet and on the tables so it’s a special little plant for us. My first watercolour in far too long!

Last night we had a good display of the meteor showers and today we are going to wash all the rugs so fingers crossed the weather stays fair!


  1. You are lucky to have slowworms. Love the watercolour. Hope the weather is better there for your rug washing than it is here.

  2. Never heard of slowworms, it looked like a snake to me! Love the heather watercolor!

  3. Yes I thought it was a snake until I read further. I loved the story of the heather, and your watercolour of it is beautiful. How lucky to see meteor showers.


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