Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Bit Blustery!

And we're down on the south coast not being hit by the worst of it!  I hope the hatches are battened down up north.

Last week Andy the builder became a granddad for the first time.  This is a Jelly Roll Race I made for him and his wife as new grandparents.

I forgot to take a photo after it came off the longarm but I did swirls and hearts all over.  I think all grandparents should have a quilt so they have somewhere for new baby to lie or crawl, be wrapped in on the lap and snuggle up in as they grow older.  At the very least it's a lot easier to clean baby sick off of than a sofa!

Today Mike was running an Ultra Marathon along the Dorset coast.

We went down in support to Lulworth Cove and saw some huge waves crashing over the entrance to the cove.  

Of course the biggest of the waves happened just after I had put the phone away! 

Olivia enjoyed her walkabout though.  


Good job she had hold of both her mum and Papa's hand as one gust of wind literally blew her off her feet! She was airborne! 

This afternoon I have a date with my studio! 


  1. Wow, that's a lot of wind. Love the idea of a quilt for the grandparents.

  2. I've Only even seen lulworth in the summer - calm weather and sunshine (me with ice cream in hand!) it looks amazing in the winter too! Thanks for the updates on Olivia - love her all-in-one!!!

  3. Totally agree with the quilt and a lovely gift for the new grandparents. Olivia is growing up nicely. They give so much pleasure.


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