Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Quiet Start

Not a lot to blog about today. I did my SW weigh in and I've put on a pound. I'm pleased with that after being in Dublin! I'm obviously making good choices!

The afternoon has been spent reading up on subjects for my next session of the course and making a mess on my desk. You know how I feel about giving too much away when a course has been thought out by someone and paid for by someone else so not too much detail I'm afraid!

John is currently a bit poorly with some nasty bug so fingers crossed its only a short lived one.



  1. Good for you for not divulging course details. Hope John gets better soon - maybe he's suffering from Guinness deprivation :)

    1. Could be Maggi! We do quite enjoy the whole Dublin thing and it is the best place to have Guinness. :-)


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