Monday, 7 December 2015

On to Week Two of 31 Days of Blogging

Are you all still here? Thank you if you are, I'm impressed. That's one week of posts you've been following! 

This morning was spent stewarding at the Gallery Upstairs where my Erosion pieces are on display. I forgot to take photos but here's one from the well attended opening on Saturday taken by James Manlow, Bournemouth's Poet Laureate.

Of course there was also lots of arty chatter with my friend Karren who I did the stewarding with. I think we're both benefitting from having each other to nag at about where our art isn't taking us! 

This afternoon I have made covers for another couple of sections of my coursework.  There is so much to try and keep tabs on I find semi binding it now and then keeps it in order and I can put it away knowing it's safe and not in my way.

I had very positive feedback from my lovely tutor, (and I can now say lovely tutor because she has replaced the dreadful excuse for one I had before!!) and she has now passed on my next session. So much for perhaps waiting until after Christmas!  Actually this part seems very enjoyable and I am going to spend the afternoon gathering thoughts, materials and perhaps stitch a sample or two.

Blogger is also having trouble sending out emails to me to let me know of replies so I apologise if I do miss you and don't respond. I think I am going to have to go back to answering under the comments again rather than by direct email until they sort it.


  1. Wow - a blog a day! That's ambitious! I never get round to reading my list regularly never mind writing one, though I do try!!!

  2. It is focusing the mind Hilary!

  3. Glad you finally got a good tutor. That looks like a light and airy gallery space, lovely.

    1. The first half has certainly been a long haul trial! Moving on much better now though.


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