Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I Think We're Ready

Yesterday was spent out and about so actually nothing to blog about.

Today we got stuck into more cleaning! Even the dust had dust on it. It's not perfect, it's not a show home and I certainly don't Do housework as a rule! My forte is more in the department of making mess so I am lucky to have a lovely couple of ladies come in and Do for me. Did you know it's always good to look for OCD tendencies in a cleaner?? Unfortunately for me they are now off until the new year so we had the most of today vacuuming, dusting, moping etc. Oh and another two bags for the charity collection. So, we're there now, ready for guests tomorrow. As long as they don't look too hard!!

This afternoon I coloured the paper amonites. Of course you have to be careful doing this as its dissolvable paper and paint too wet returns it to pulp. A couple of coats and some gilding and they will do.
I'm thinking how I will put them on the piece, if I do at all. They really need to recede in as I want the silk ones to be the focals.
I did start stitching the main panel but literally only just.
I also gave the mannequin a very washed out layer of gesso over the paper pattern covering. I think I will put some wax on it to seal it but at least it's usable now and not missing a couple of large chunks!
I think tonight I earned a little tipple of something so I'm now off to, I think, start Christmas. I hope your all ready too.


  1. Have you used sewing pattern paper ? Great idea

  2. Just had a very enjoyable catch up. I'm glad you got rid of the electrician in time for Christmas and I hope your horrible cold has gone too. Looking forward to seeing where the ammonites go next. Have a Happy Christmas xx

  3. The ammonites look fantastic and I really like the colours in the main panel.

    I need to get a cleaner (health reasons). How did you go about selecting yours - recommendations or just taking a chance?

  4. I am having the emails being delivered again so will reply direct as before! Thank you for commenting.


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