Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Stitching Progress

On waking up this morning John told me I was under strict instructions to play in studio and not the computer. I think the ulterior motive was either to stop me moaning about the fact that I haven't been in there for some time or to keep Willow quiet while her leg heals. Probably a bit of both. I didn't say no so I've had a lovely day.

After a bit of a tidy up I did some more embellishing on the amonite piece,

A little bit of machining too

And then some hand stitching,

Even the paper amonites fitted in.

Very pleased with progress so far. It's quite a big piece at 11 X 30 inches at the moment.

Whilst stitching I started Ben Arronovich's fifth book Floxglove Summer. I'm really enjoying the series. I have to have the headphones on with the machine though.

Willow is doing well and totally ignoring her staples so she's not had the cone on at all.

Tomorrow is the last day of the 31 Days of Blogging and I haven't done too badly! I thank you for sticking with me and your comments too. Blogger seems to have sorted the email notifications out and I have been replying to them, you, directly.

I hope you are not being affected by Frank and are all safe and dry.



  1. I was questioning those amonites, how they could be added to anything. I am very impressed - a nice subtle touch. Glad you got your studio time and that the dog is behaving. Ugh - our labrador once got a gash on her chest out hunting with the hubby. Had just gone out into the field so ruined THAT trip. Twelve staples it took. I think the hubby was more shook up about it than the dog. ;-)

  2. That's looking fab! Well done john for issuing such sound instructions!


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