Saturday, 12 December 2015

Too Tired

Today I woke at 04.30 and went down to the studio. The past few days I have had several ulcers and a sore mouth in general as well as waking to no voice and razors in my throat. The studio was my place of solace rather than being grumpy trying to go back to sleep.

I left the studio at lunchtime to help sort a few more boxes that had been stashed at the beginning of the year before the huge rebuild and it felt good to be rid of them. Back in the studio for the rest of the afternoon and out again for dinner.

All coursework. All under wraps. Not sure if I'm happy with what I achieved today but I'm too tired to assess it now.

Might dive in the garage and loft for the decorations tomorrow. So, so, so not feeling Christmassy yet! Perhaps that will help.

I will let you know tomorrow.


  1. First off -
    Congratulations on your HC. That is a wonderful thing, since, with the numbers of entries, it may be better than the bulk of folks received. I agree that it would be terrific if the organizers thought a little more about the feelings of the entrants than their pocketbooks, but we all know that has gone by the wayside, long. long ago. The bigger their shows grow, the less personal and more generic their feedback and effort becomes.

    Second - I really hardly know where to begin. I didn't dig deeply enough to find your blog when you began commenting on my CQ blog (just used the available links from your comments), and somehow, today I managed to find the right link to your blog... and not just the website link to a few of your works. You have your creative hands into everything! Holy cats!

    I will have fun returning from time to time to read (prob most will be gobbled up over the Christmas season), since there's so much to see/catch up on. Yea!

    You are miles ahead of me in the readying for Christmas department. I have packages wrapped, but my tree is still mostly naked. Lights strung on the small thing, but still haven't retrieved any ornaments out of storage to make it worth looking at. I will let you inspire me in that regard - your two trees are grand. [sigh]

    By now (Dec 20) you are feeling so much better, so that's a good thing. Keep up the fabulous creativeness, and I will have a good time observing.

    Best regards and season's greetings,

    1. Thank you Beth!! I am trying to restrict those creative hands now as there is only so much time in the day! I hope Christmas is coming along nicely in your home now too.

  2. I'm still not feeling Christmassy! Hope you are feeling better

    1. You will get there Benta!! I must admit to it being too warm to be enjoyable at the moment.


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