Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice an' Men

Or me to be precise. I had my Slimming World weigh in this morning and put 2 lb on over the Christmas period. Not bad really.  I will be working hard on making a downward trend from now on.

I was then going to spend time stitching at the machine but little Willow had a bit of a run in with some metal. So, trip to the vet and cone of Shame

And six staples

I'm sure she will be fine in no time but she won't leave my side and for her sanity, and the safety of everyone's knees I've taken up camp on the sofa instead.  Looks like a couple of films and some knitting instead. 

I will set her up under my desk in the morning and try again then. She should be more used to what's happened today by then. 


  1. Oh poor Willow, Daisy did a similar when she crashed into the log pile but we got away with superglue.

    It may be a pain to have 30kg of pointer want to sit in/on your lap but so lovely that she already trusts enough that YOU are where she needs to be when she's scared/hurting/feeling incredibly sorry for herself/milking it for all it's worth [delete as appropriate].

  2. Poor baby, hope she's better soon.

  3. Oh dear! Poor thing! That wasn't a bad weigh in! We only had one minus on Monday, the best/worst gain was plus 13!!!!!! Xx

  4. Poor Willow! Enjoy your enforced knitting time!

  5. That looks painful. Poor Willow. Good luck with the Slimming World plan.

  6. Poor little girl. That doesn't look nice at all.


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