Friday, 4 December 2015

Post Four for Day 4

Well we're now home! It was a great quickie away and the house has almost made it to the end of its revamp. At least a lot of the stuff that doesn't need dog fur all over it has been finished. Andy reckons another couple of days and we'll be done. But is a house ever done? Most of the other rooms are looking a little tired in comparison but I think they can certainly wait a while!!

The hotel had a really cute display in the reception. Loved the wadding clouds.
I managed some sewing in the airport...
I managed some sewing on the aircraft...

We also managed to find a calm weather window to land in comfort, much to the surprise of the pilot.
There's still no place like home and all the dogs are glad to be sprawled in front of the fire.


  1. Always good to go, always better to come back home.

  2. Love the sewing project, are those your rust dyed pieces?


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