Friday, 4 December 2015

Dublin 2

Well Dublin has been fun today!  Pouring rain, liquid sunshine they call it. The roads are absolute chaos as they are extending the Luas (tram). It will be great when finished but they keep finding bodies and collapsing cellars so delays. 

We've used taxis a couple of times, it would have been much quicker to walk but at least we stayed dry. They take an age to go not far and some interesting diving skills though. Don't fancy luring a cold in just before Christmas!  

Today was a scoot over to the Museum of Decorative Arts and History. It's another museum in ex military buildings, this time the very splendid and grand Collins Barracks. 

Porcelain sculpture. I'm always amazed at what people can do with porcelain

Some great exhibitions including Ib Jorgensen  fashion, woodturner Emmet Kane and the Way We Wore, Irish fashion through the ages. 

Emmet Kane burr oak and gold leaf. 

Do you see how tiny these woman's boots are? And it's not so much the length as the width! 
Just slightly wider than my two fingers. We have at least grown as a species in girth if not other ways. These were also made with a gusset of some of the first ever elastic. 

After yesterday commenting that we could be in the dark ages, I found this quoted on the wall today. So fitting, the inhumanity of the machine.

Oh and the beautiful tapestry the curator was referring to in her choice for the exhibition is the one below.

See you tomorrow! 

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  1. Love the quote! Those boots? Really? I've just "measured" mine, and whilst I know I have what a cousin calls "freakishly wide Norwegian feet" mine are only a size 6 but are SIX fingers wide! (And I don't have slim fingers either!). I bet Olivia's feet are only two of your fingers wide?

    (SW bags have been cut and are next in the queue for stitching xxx)


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